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The Zurich based escort agency with one of Switzerland's most unique collection of international high class escorts.

Apples on Wheels Escorts Switzerland.
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The features of the Apples on Wheels Zurich Escorts.

An apple per day keeps the doctor away.

This is our big devise of the Apples on Wheels Escorts. We are a Zurich based Escort agency and have one of Switzerland's most unique collection of high class escorts, national, international and interpersonally.

An apple per day keeps the doctor away, yea that's true. But nobody likea eating the same kind of apples every day. In case of this reason we have a great collection of nice apples for our customers an their special wishes. An apple for all wishes you can say. The Apples von Wheels Escorts are a nice method for you to have a healthier life.

We from the Apples on Wheels Escorts are in the opinion, that is better to enjoy life, to sweet it in some points and sometimes to do things, that are maybe not perfekt, but healthy and funny. Naturally nobody is perfect. But we think to fight all the time, to hide the own mistakes is a problem that many people have. They are not able to be only themselves, they try to are something, they aren't.

We don't act so. We want to make life sweeter for our customers, with some nice apples, that always bring fun and sun in the lifes of our customers.

Come in, look around and then

enjoy our Apples on Wheels Escorts, for a better feeling, day by day, with another apple.

We call it responsibility for life.

Life requires diversity.

Diversity brings enjoyment.

Joy is the lust in life.

Lust for life is our passion.

Nice apples are often found. We love them with taste.

The Apples on Wheels Escorts.

A basket filled with colorful apples, all handpicked with passion, with the pure flavor of life and real lust for life.

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